Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Back, I didn't die. Not really anyway... Braaaains...

Wait, did I really wish people a happy thanksgiving in my last post? Shit, I was away for too long. I can't even blame classes, had Christmas break in between...

Oh well, I blame dolphins. Or Tim.

Either way, my resolve to stay away from social networking sights was waining a bit, so I felt the need to come back to Blogger, which now has some annoying deal with Google. I hate Google and their goddamn convenience.

Finals went well, I got a pretty good set of grades for my first quarter, and the one I've got back this quarter was an A, so I'm not complaining.

Okay, maybe a little complaining.

A lot.

My political Science teacher is a complete and total flake. It seems everyone has gotten their grades back except me, who is still into the dark as to what my grade was on that butchering of the English language he called an "exam." My TA has a problem understanding the profs. instructions, so while everyone apparently made the same goddamn mistake, he was in fact wrong, and everyone else had gotten the right answer. I didn't know that in the wide world of secondary education that the right answer was worth points up to a threshold where they suddenly count for negatives.

Actually, that is all I have to rant about.

I've been doing Racquetball, CSCI 103, HIST 104 (American history after the Civil War) and PLSC 101 (This, class, is a government *draws with crayons*). For the most part they've been don't-show-up-still-get-an-A classes, except history, which is delightfully challenging. The prof. in HIST 104 is actually a really good guy, a bit difficult test wise, but you really get the material down, even if it is with his heavy bias.

I've taken up playing Magic: the Gathering, since I have some extra income from my job (Teaching computer use) and I have a bunch of friends up here who play it. Anyone up from western who reads this should pester me about playing racquetball sometime, don't worry, I wont let you win (I'll lose of my own volition, thank you very much).

I'll try and add a new post at least three times a week, and for a while I'll be tossing in some catchup material in there to fill the gap that is the last few months. Now if you'll excuse me, its getting dangerously close to only a few hours (Read: less than 8) of sleep here, so I'm off to bed.



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