Monday, November 13, 2006

Transfer Archive 2

Yeah, kinda forgot this blog existed briefly.

I'll be insanely busy this week, I have three midterms, and I "forgot" to study any of the material for them. So I had about 180 pages for a history midterm in 9 hours (I started reading an 1:45, finished at 12). Next up is 158 pages for Mythology and Folklore by Thursday, and 360 for PolySci by friday.

Fun times, shouldn't be too hard.

On a non-sequitur, the american publishers of Naruto are going to go batshit when they get to the point that one of everyone's favorite characters started smoking! God forbid! They already had to edit the manji (卍, a Bhuddist symbol, as opposed to the german [use of the] Swastika, which was mirrored and at a 45 degree angle), but the smoking thing is actually plot related, and they cant just edit this to somthing else. Heh, god forbid this gets in the way of killing people.


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