Thursday, November 23, 2006


Looks like the U.S. Army has finally come up with a slogan that doesnt suck, or at least sucks less. "There's strong, and then there's Army Strong." The downside to this one is that I can't have fun giving the army recruiters a hard time by asking which one of them it is (The old slogan was "Army of one").

Also, my useful PSA for the day, did you know that Nintendo, as well as being awesome, is also the oldest video game company it the world. Though they didnt start making video-games until the 1975, but they were formed in 1889 as a playing card company, and in the middle of the 1900's, they had a Love Hotel, a Taxi company, and a food company making stuff like instant noodles.

So for a company that owned love hotels, I guess the Wii wasnt a big step.

So, Happy Thanksgiving all, and may we some day get a president who won't pardon that damn turkey.



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