Monday, November 13, 2006

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Well, since I came back from Japan in June, I haven't really posted anything that I've done. So, lets get a brief summary of the better part of a year going in here.

When I got back, I tended to lounge around, there wasn't much to do for a while other than draw and play games, so it got fairly boring. I did manage to get a bunch of reading in though, so that was worthwhile.

In the mid-summer I went to my Mothers 50th birthday party, which (I say with all due affection) she dragged us up to eastern Canada for. It was actually a lot of fun, as I got to see one of my best friends Stevie there (He lives in Ireland, so I don't get to see him much). We got to hang out, and we went shooting, which was both a blast (No pun intended) and a dream come true for Stevie, whose been a gun nut for as long as I've known him (14 years) but because of Ireland's anal-retentive gun laws (Not even the Garda are armed) had never got to shoot anything more than a shotgun. So I think getting a chance to shoot everything from a 9mm to a custom built sniper rifle was the highlight of his trip.

Which reminds me, I need to get back down to Wades.

After that, I returned home for a few weeks, which I spent secluded playing Eve Online.
Around this time my Dad had open heart surgery, which was a bit nerve-wracking for all of us (especially him), but his recovery was much faster than it was expected to be, and by this point he's pretty much back to his grumpy old self.

Before I went anywhere else, the important matter of PAX had to be taken care of, which was a complete and total blast, and I managed to go the second day with my friend Aaron, which, considering all of the penny-arcade fans who went, made the entire thing like a big 14,000 person in-joke.

Aaron and I went with my mom to Europe for a few weeks (My dad was originally going to come, but he couldn't since he was still recovering), which was a lot of fun. We went to Spain first, spending some time at the Alhambra and visiting the old archeological sights, which are quite literally everywhere. Next stop was Ireland, where we proved to Aaron that the Irish drinking culture seen on TV is actually understated. finally we made a brief stop in the UK and saw the Producers on stage, which was probably one of the more funny plays I've ever seen.

Finally, I came back, had to give a million vials of blood for medical tests, and went to university the next day. WWU is pretty nice, it fairly laid back and studious, which is a pleasant break from last years insanity. I'm studying history now, so that should be a little easier than last years physics (Which I love, I just suck at math, which doesn't really mesh with it).

And possibly most odd of all, I have taken up a sport. Or a pre-sport as the case may be. I have started Ice skating, with the hopes that some day I may follow in my fathers footsteps and play ice hockey (albeit badly, and a little taller).

Oh yes, and I turned 18.


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