Monday, November 13, 2006

Transfer Archive 3

Cindy Sheenan has decded that the standard rules of being mortal no longer apply to her;

(Emphasis mine)

Cindy said that she is determined t not only wants to see George Bush impeached but she wants to see him tried for Crimes Against Humanity. She states is so determined to see this done she says she will live for 1000 years. She went further by saying that even if she were involved in a fiery plane crash she would walk out alive just to see this done.

Kristinn yelled out to her as she was leaving the stage that the Iraqi’s have a memorial to the victims of terrorism saying that Freedom Isn’t Free. Cindy got back on the stage to say of course freedom is free, if it wasn’t it would be called expensivedom.

How sad, her son bravely died for a cause that she has dedicated her life to undermining. At least i'll be able to rest in peace knowing that she'll be waiting 1000 years for charges that, even if they do find there way into court, will be thrown out as complete bullshit.

Also, who gave her the comic wit of Ben Stiller? Expensivedom? Hot damn, someone give her a pullitzer.

Fun times.



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